Seattle, September 6th, 2012 2:35 AM

“When officers responded, they found the same man as the previous two calls on the first floor of the apartment complex. He was carrying a large sword, not a golf club, and had slashed and damaged several apartment doors and the hallway with the sword.

“He had his big sword and came through here all up and down, from way down at the far side of the hallway, just swinging his sword back and forth,” said Joseph Thomas, who lives in the building.”




Renton, Aug 11, 2008

“”She was taking the knives and swords and flinging them into the ground like one of those artists movies. She’s been doing it for about two weeks now,” he said.”


This particular incident is of note as it features a female antagonist (the only one I’ve discovered so far) and a weapon, a machete, that is known for its high intimidation factor and the brutal wounds it can inflict.